Instuctor: Daniel Bilmes 5/1/2023 – 5/5/2023 (9AM – 4PM) $875

Style should be a natural result of your process—instead of adapting your process to imitate a style. In this five-day workshop we will explore a number of unique painting techniques with emphasis placed on personal style development. Designing your process to be more in tune with who you are—your personality and esthetics. Working with live models, we will use oil to explore and understand different strategies for painting the human form. Subject matter will include: paint application, composition, color mixing, glazing, mood and expression— as well as artistic analysis and interpretation. Multiple live demonstrations and one-on-one critiques will cover a variety of stages in the painting process including: panel and surface preparation, using unusual tools for mark making, textures, focal points and finishing touches. We will also focus on many foundational techniques— such as proportions, tonal relationships and form. Creating a finished painting is not a single act but a process that requires both strategy and spontaneity. It’s an elegant dance, a chaotic tumble, and most of the time an amalgamation of the two. This workshop is for students of all levels.

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