Opening Reception Saturday, October 7, 2023 6pm – 9pm
SHOW DATES 10/7/23 -10/21/23
Benni Korzen grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark.  
In 1964 he moved to New York and now lives 
in Los Angeles with his wife, Annie.
He continues to paint as well as produce films 
(Oscar-winner BABETTE’s FEAST).  
Korzen’s vivid, abstract work reflects the influence 
of mid-century Scandinavian painters such as
Paul Gernes and Richard Mortensen.  
He has had gallery shows in Copenhagen 
and Los Angeles, and his work is 
in private collections throughout The U. S. and Europe.  
It is also featured in public spaces, 
such as the Bankside Hotel in London and 
the U.S. Attorney’ s Office in Los Angeles.
I have been making art all my life: paintings, collages, cartoons, ceramics, whatever.  
But I keep coming back to paintings and collages because of my fascination 
with color and its endless permutations.  I am now 85, and the surprising thing is 
that as I get older, my palette keeps getting cheerier. 
There is no literal meaning in these pieces: they are simply an assortment of colors 
and shapes that – hopefully – will create a brief moment of delight.
The joyous art of Benni Korzen is a much-needed antidote to all of the events that 
are clouding this world. My goal in presenting these works by this unassuming, 
however vibrant, artist is to bring his sense of whimsy and his undeniably keen 
understanding and use of color to the public eye. 
If brevity is the soul of wit, then color is the heart of life and Korzen’s creations 
give us all of these things and then some in their decidedly calculated 
permutations. Mr. Korzen is a quiet, reserved man and these psychedelic, 
spectacular forays into color almost seem to be from another hand. 
They are not. 
These works are created with minimal and inexpensive materials that Benni turns 
into what I see as masterpieces. 
The work speaks for itself and challenges the brain to make the color associations. 
I hope this show and the work have the same effect on you as it has on me. 
They are truly timeless. Benni is a true disciple of Matisse in his use of color and form. 
Kene J. Rosa, Curator