Rebecca Molayem Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition featuring works on paper by Los Angeles based artists.

You are invited to join us for a peek inside the artists sketchbook, a personal experience where ideas begin, works of fine art take form, and genius is discovered. these works on paper from 8 local artists will be shown unframed, casually presented, all prices at under $1,000.

Some figurative sketches were created during live drawing session with a model, nude or consumed. In that instance, the relationship between the artist and the muse is ephemeral yet intense, sharply focused, yet brief. Capturing the essence of the subjects spirit is paramount, as the moment is fleeting and will never reappear. As we sometimes strive to live life itself, the artists in this show are living in the present moment, genuine and alive, with a singular concentration of being and creating in the now. The work selected from these talented fine artists, some teachers and mentors, is exemplary in its provocative display of talent and emotion.

A sketch is also the foundation of the work still being created. Often an artist will create multiple sketches before embarking on a serious painting, especially a commission or a portrait. Some of these are of that sort, but others are complete as they are shown – raw, loosely drawn, full sentiment and spontaneity. This exhibit celebrates the most basic of artistic skills in figurative, landscape and still life sketches, in pencil, charcoal, watercolor and mixed media.

Featured Artists
David Miller
Miles Lewis
Tom Garner
Luis Sanchez
Bill Mather
Lisa Dosson
Eduardo Hernandez
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