Rebecca Molayem is an expressionist artist with a unique whimsical, captivating style. Using vibrant colors often layered on top of each other with many brush stokes, she creates a sense of movement and dance throughout her paintings. Rebecca’s images are filled with voluptuous, exaggerated characters with expressive body languages. Her exceptional use of colors and compositions creates and evokes different moods and feelings in the viewer.

Rebecca’s greatest sources of inspiration are family, friends, people she meets and places she likes to visit. Anywhere from coastal scenes with bathing beauties, to couples dancing and night life are captured in her conversational, mysterious yet inviting paintings She embraces subject matters that depict sweet moments in life and allows Individuals to relate to her work.

Rebecca Molayem graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1984 and was an active graphic artist and illustrator for 15 years. While working as an illustrator and raising a family ,she started sculpting in clay ,exploring the medium and its endless possibilities. In 1999, she decided to share her creative and expressive style with the world by transferring her images from clay onto canvas.

“I express feelings of happiness and joy through my paintings and believe my work is a source of strong compassion, opening doors to exhilarating journeys through color and composition.”

“Rebecca Molayem”