Geometry in art has been around since the Greek Dark Ages, when simple shapes first decorated clay vessels. However, the greater concept of geometry is all around us, throughout nature in plant and animal life, in Sacred Geometry, and of course, the mathematic – based principles.
There is fact, but also controversy surrounding some geometry-based concepts. Some people believe that the earth is flat, crop circles were created by alien beings, and the Bermuda Triangle disappearances are caused by hexagonal clouds. All that said, we know we can always count on math-based geometry, especially in this era of “fake news!” So take comfort in right angles, 360 degree circumferences, and the beauty of Sacred Geometry mandalas as inspired by ancient civilizations.
This group show explores the geometric shapes we know and love as utilized in contemporary art. Here the most familiar shapes are creatively re-imagined in modern ways that take them beyond the norm – into the new! Please join us as we explore art that utilizes geometry, in multiple mediums using modern and creative techniques.
Artists Include: Barbara Carter, Michael McCall, Jeff Iorillo, Ted Meyer, Campbell Laird, Bill Sherwood, Nancy Goodman Lawrence, Jennifer Padilla and Rebecca Molayem.
Opening Night is Novemeber 4th at Rebecca Molayem Gallery