Taman VanScoy (1979 – )

Born March 26, 1979 in Santa Barbara California, and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California, the imagery surrounding Taman as a child consisted primarily of cityscapes with the occasional glimpse of a sun-drenched desert climate. Being instinctively drawn to nature yet lacking the visual stimulation of wide-open colorful landscapes, he unconsciously began to idealize landscape compositions and color combinations in his mind. In essence he would create an imaginary and almost dreamlike scene which to this day continues to be the first step when creating his paintings.

“My paintings serve as a form of self-expression communicating ideas of desired simplicity and contentment to the viewer. While my imagined scenes are typically quiet and serene, there is also a hint of melencholy and mystery. My technical approach using the watercolor medium is to explore its subtle qualities in a unique and dynamic way.”